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Sisällytetyt portletit

Sisällytetyt portletit

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Year 4 Visit Toot Suite

4M went to have a sneak preview of the Toot suite art exhibition. We all agreed that it was fabulous to see something from every person in the Junior school, and that everyone had put lots of time and effort into their art.
I think the feathers are magnificent. It seemed like a long time to create. Crystal Xun

I liked all the clay animals. I thought they are cute and creative. I loved the panda one because pandas are my favourite animal. Cooper Ashley

The flower lights make the place magical. Stephen Sun.

I loved all the artwork. I especially like the clay because it must have taken a long time to mould it. It was very delicate. Samuel Chua.

I like how everyone’s are is all different. Ulyana Ruzich.