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Sisällytetyt portletit

Sisällytetyt portletit

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Phantom of the Opera

We are delighted to announce that we have just been granted the performance rights to The Phantom of the Opera as our Senior Major Production for 2018.

Only days ago, Origin Theatrical (Australia) indicated that, limited to 2018/2019 only, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber would be considering applications from schools in Australasia to stage his greatest masterpiece.

With an unforgettable score and embodying theatricality of the highest order, The Phantom of the Opera has consistently played to larger audiences (over 140 million people worldwide) and, for longer performance seasons, than any other musical in history. It will be an honour to be one of the first schools in Australasia to stage this spectacle, in our 45th Anniversary year.

We are excited to share this incredible theatrical experience with all who will be a part of it in 2018.