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Sisällytetyt portletit

Sisällytetyt portletit

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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:


Year 0
  • Wanika Lee for showing great progress with her reading
  • Johnny Wang for writing his stories independently
  • Jacqueline An for showing confidence and enthusiasm in reading
  • Ryan Qiu for reading comprehension and being an outstanding role model in class
Year 1
  • Amie Goodwin for being a great thinker when writing stories
  • Sampson Rong for demonstrating thinking skills during our new inquiry
  • Luna Chen for reading with expression and understanding
  • Keith Li for good progress in both reading and writing , keep up the focus
  • Beatrix Liang for her willingness to be a risk taker when singing and acting in the lessons
  • Ray Duan for setting yourself writing goals and working hard to achieve them
  • Charmaine Hua for enthusiasm when writing and sharing your stories
  • Alyssa Fu for demonstrating enthusiasm during our discussion about states of matter
  • Kristian Singh for being a thinker and making interesting contributions to class discussions
  • Claire Xia for being a diligent thinker and confident participant in Vocal Music and Drama
Year 2
  • Jack Bentley for always giving his best and always caring for others. You make the most of every situation and continue to achieve excellent results
  • Mason Guillard for being a risk taker and thinker when participating in singing and acting activities
  • Finn Holdsworth for the effort you are putting into your Writing. We feel truly proud of you
  • Daniel Howe for his focus and commitment in all his work. You continue to make excellent progress
  • Lily Geraghty for showing effort and skill during our Art inquiry
  • Roy Luo for taking on the challenge of solving difficult maths questions
  • Tamarah Messervy for her creativity, passion and diligence when participating in singing and acting lessons
  • Luke Dong for being a thinker and solving maths problems confidently
  • Alicia Dykes for the effort you are putting into your Reading and Writing
  • Chloe Fynn for being a thoughtful and caring class member
  • Sophia Tait for being a passionate, diligent and happy participant in Vocal Music and Drama, and the Year 1 and 2 choir
Year 3
  • Keira Evans for her passion and commitment towards learning Chinese
  • Hanson Fang for contributing thought provoking and interesting comments during group discussions
  • Ben Sly for being open minded and reflective when trying new math problems
  • Jenny Wang for hard work and perseverance when challenged in Math
  • Yiwen Cui for fantastic work habits and for his contribution to class discussions
  • Alec Guan for using a range of thinking skills to answer reading comprehension questions
  • Alfie Harris for using a range of reading strategies when solving words
  • Hannah Chang for being attentive and inquisitive while learning about the Forces around us
  • Hamish Duggal for asking relevant and thoughtful questions when learning about the Forces around us
  • Lexie Freeman for being a courageous and enthusiastic learner and applying yourself in all areas of school life
  • Sienna Parker for developing your knowledge in drawing by exploring texture in Visual Art
  • Nikolina Stulich for being a sensible and caring class member, and applying yourself in all areas of school life
  • Seby Deliu for consistently trying his best and being an enthusiastic learner
  • Suh Jung Kim for being a very responsible and diligent 'teacher' when sharing about her learning at the student led conference
  • Chloe Wu for being principled and a great communicator in all curriculum areas
Year 4
  • Cathy Fang for excellent collaboration with partners in many different subject areas
  • Kennedy Shields for being an outstanding role model. You participate in everything giving 100%
  • Rui Xu for his commitment and dedication in all subject areas. You are a super star
  • Tony Chen for showing empathy towards others
  • Willamena Holdsworth for positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning
  • Keen Leung for helping others to edit their writing
  • Josip Tolich for your positive attitude towards creating and discovering during Visual Art
  • Alex Goodwin for being a knowledgeable thinker in Mathematics
  • Amelie Woodward for exhibiting enthusiasm towards all her learning experiences
  • Candy Zhong for being an open minded and courageous learner
Year 5
  • Nicholas Court for your enthusiasm in dance lessons. You have fabulous expression and are fantastic to watch
  • Madeleine Loughton for being a clear, concise communicator and collaborating effectively in our group inquiry
  • Ivy Wu for being a co-operative and collaborative member of the group in our Advertising inquiry
  • Leo Chen for fantastic effort to write an argument, following a structure and using lots of new vocabulary
  • Oliver Cooper for his improved effort and focus in Chinese
  • Bonnie Wang for her effort and excellent work in Chinese
  • Sophie Yu for great improvement in completing work in a timely manner and always to a high standard
  • Elodie Zhang for her constant focus on tasks, giving everything 100% always
  • Daniel Kislyuk for being a risk taker when performing dance to all of the Year 5's
  • Roy Xie for settling quickly to anything that is asked of him
  • Xin Zhu Yi for your creative input towards planning your group's advertisement
Year 6
  • William Anderson for co-operating well with his group members while preparing for Exhibition
  • Claire Bachmann for great time management when preparing her Exhibition
  • Cooper Clague for diligent research and creative presentation methods when preparing his Exhibition
  • Yisen Cui for great collaboration and organisation when working in his Exhibition group
  • William Grindall for outstanding effort and commitment to the Year 6 Band elective
  • Janelle Lydford for outstanding effort and commitment to the Year 6 Band elective
  • Max Humphrey for positive collaboration and an enthusiastic attitude during Exhibition
  • Vanessa Li for fantastic collaboration during Exhibition. Your self management skills were outstanding
  • David Lou for being a self motivated and creative inquirer during Exhibition
  • Dorothy Zhu for outstanding effort and commitment to the Year 6 Band elective
  • Hisashi Ariga for keeping your team focused and enthusiastic during Exhibition
  • Mateo Barrero Ortiz for outstanding effort and commitment to the Year 6 Band elective
  • Rio Bidois for an amazing attitude to all school activities
  • Jack Shaw 5 out of 5 correct in Maths Games contest 5
  • Patrick Vezich for outstanding effort and commitment to the Year 6 Band elective
  • Mason Walker for singing with enthusiasm during Exhibition staging
  • Ivy Xu for giving lots of ideas in her Exhibition group and always showing respect towards others