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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Growing NZ Competition 2017

On Tuesday 15 August, eight students participated in the Growing NZ Competition. Jamie Hyde, Michael Martin, Will Smith, Andrew Wu, Seo Yeon Park, Emily Zhou, Jess Machado da Cruz and Vicky Deschamps were accompanied by Ms. Casey.

When we got there we split into pairs, and then teamed up with a pair from another school. A short introductory presentation was given and we were split into four groups based on what challenge we were assigned. We met with a mentor from New Zealand Primary Industries and were presented with problems. Our task was to find solutions to our challenge. After brainstorming and picking our best idea, we had to build a prototype and a brief presentation. We presented back to our group and mentor, who chose a winner in each group. Jess and I paired up with two boys from MAGS. Our challenge was to design a product using fava beans that would appeal more to consumers. Our team designed a special type of meat that was 3D printed using fava beans. Our group ended up winning in our section and we received a $50 subway voucher as a prize.

The competition was loads of fun, as we had to think really creatively and it was also great to make new friends from other schools. We would just like to thank Ms. Casey for organising, it was a fantastic day!

By Victoria Deschamps and Jessica Machado da Cruz