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Graduation Walk

The ‘Grad Walk’ is one of the events during the Senior School year that is unique to Kristin. Taking place just before the start of the Senior School prize-giving, it marks the last time that our Year 13 students come together as a cohort, in uniform and before they start their end-of-year examinations.

Starting 12 years ago, the walk continues to follow the same route, involving students from across all year levels. This provides an opportunity for younger members of the school, staff and parents to pass on their best wishes to the Year 13s before they begin their examinations and finally leave Kristin a few weeks later.

For some of these students it does mark the beginning of the end of a journey, which may have lasted for up to 14 years in several cases, and is an opportunity for the whole school community to wish them well for the future and to once again show the support that the school has for its students, as they approach this new stage in their lives. This incredible event is clearly a celebration, in every sense of the word, bringing cheers, congratulations, colour, sound and an indication of the love that the school community holds for each and every one of them. It is a fitting way for the students to gather, before entering their final Senior School prize-giving, taking on the challenge of their final examinations and finally graduating.



Foundation Day

We celebrate, with sincere gratitude, Kristin’s founders in creating a school with an inspirational vision and traditional values strongly focused on respect for all individuals. This solid foundation has enabled Kristin to evolve into the school we are today – an environment to open minds that open doors, and an establishment still hugely proud and committed to our very fitting original motto: “Progress with vision, integrity and love”.



Summer Carnival

Kristin's annual Summer Carnival is traditional held on Foundation Day, and celebrates family and community in a carnival atmosphere, where we gather to enjoy the company of our year groups as the sun goes down. 

The entire Kristin community is invited to enjoy a BYO picnic or choose from the delicious array of cosmopolitan food and drinks on offer from our student and community groups on Kristin's Auditorium Field, and support our students as they fundraise for community and global charities.



Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day in the Junior School provides an opportunity for our students to show their biggest fans what we do at Kristin. On the day grandparents enjoy time in class, often given challenging activities to complete alongside their grandchildren, with both sides learning something new about each other. After spending time together eating morning tea and playing a range of different games we share some of our performance items with our grandparents in the Kristin Auditorium.

Grandparents Day provides the opportunity for us to share our learning, teach our grandparents something new, have fun with them at school, share a meal and entertain. There is no doubt that Grandparents Day is one of the ‘must be there’ events on the Kristin calendar. 



Dance in the Dove

Dance in the Dove is Kristin’s Annual Dance Showcase, featuring performances from all of the School’s co-curricular dance groups, and some highlights from curriculum dance classes. Through three separate shows and performance programmes, the event embraces the passion of our Kristin dancers, from Kindergarten to Year 13. 

Across all the groups involved in Dance in the Dove – from the Kindergarten to the Junior and Middle Schools, through to our most senior performers – each and every dancer contributes exceptional effort in bringing a colourful and moving spectacle to the Dove stage. As a result, the audiences are taken on a powerful and energising journey of beauty and universal expression.

This major calendar event gives our students the chance to see how Dance develops through the years and understand how Dance can be used to express an individual’s own views on current affairs and social issues. This showcase is a highlight for our students and is reflected in the professional standard of work they produce year after year.

It is a wonderful celebration of our students’ talents and hard work and is an eagerly anticipated highlight of the Performing Arts’ calendar.



International Peace Night

International Peace Night concerts annually celebrate through dance and music a variety of cultures within our community. The evenings provide an opportunity for many students to share their heritage, in fact what it is that makes them who they are. As a student-led production Year 13 students from the International Committee, together with UNESCO club members are responsible for this event and bring to the Kristin community a wonderful display of colour, sound and sheer enthusiasm.



Chinese Night

The Chinese Night concert features students from Year 1 to 13 performing traditional dances, instruments and kungfu that has long been associated with the Chinese culture, but also showcases modern Chinese art forms - a highlight of which is the Lion Dance. As the closing act for Chinese Night, our performers are sent out with the sound of cymbals and drums to bring prosperity and happiness for our guests.



Book Character Day

One of the highlights of the Junior School year is Book Character Day! On Book Character Day, students and staff dress up as their favourite characters from books they love. The school empties as we watch their parade to assembly -  it's a blast!  There is so much creativity and obvious love of reading!



Come and visit Kristin

Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.