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Habiaratutako portletak

Junior School Digital Learning Programme

With the introduction of iPads across the Junior School in 2013, we have seen huge growth in the amount of technology utilised in the classroom but, more importantly, in how, why and when the digital tools are used. The iPad revolution has enabled some outstanding learning outcomes with students across the school. Sharing work that has been completed and having time to discuss and present learning to others is a key part of what we do at Kristin. The integration of iPads, combined with the introduction of Apple TV devices in all classrooms, provides the opportunity to do this wirelessly and with ease. This now means that anything that can be created, viewed or explained on the iPad can be shared with others easily.

Below is a summary of the Junior School Digital Learning Programme:

  • Kindergarten-Year 3 – iPad Classroom Pods (the ratio is 3:1 students to devices)
  • Year 4-6 – BYO-Tablet Programme

BYO-Tablet – Recommended Model & Accessories

Prior to purchase, please review the minimum requirements below and be sure you understand the processes surrounding warranty, replacement and repair through your retailer. Please note: Repairs carried out by a non-Apple Authorised repair service will invalidate your Apple warranty.

  • An Apple Air or iPad Mini (or later models) with a minimum of 32GB of storage. Wi-Fi only
  • Also iPad headphones, strong iPad protective cover and (optional) iPad keyboard (e.g. Logitech or Kensington models)

ICT Services recommends an appropriate back-up strategy for Apps and student work, and this should be regularly followed e.g. iCloud.

Please be aware that not all tablet devices have the same or similar software available to install.

BYO-Tablet Software Information

An approved list of education Apps should be purchased and installed before the start of each school term. The baseline requirements are listed, followed by the latest Term requirements. (Note: The Junior School App list is continually reviewed. Any additional App requests will be published here and also in student homework during the school year).

As our use of iPads at various levels of the school has progressed we have developed specific lists of applications for each year level to use. Select the appropriate list below on the iPad and press on the preview link for direct access to the App Store for that specific App.

Junior School BYO-Tablet Software List – Year 4 >>

Junior School BYO-Tablet Software List – Year 5 >>

Junior School BYO-Tablet Software List – Year 6 >>

Apple iTunes Store Service will not allow students below the age of 13 years to have their own personal App account. We have found that creating a second account that is not connected to the parents' existing account prevents any problems when using the iCloud backup service, it also prevents the student receiving text messages that are not meant for them on their device.


All Tablets are registered to the Kristin wireless network. This allows us to continually monitor and filter inappropriate material and assist with diagnosis if a tablet develops a software issue. If a student is thought to hold inappropriate material either on their tablet or external drives/media, an investigation will occur, led by the student's Dean. If the tablet is found to be transmitting malicious traffic e.g. Malware or Viruses that could affect the school's networks, the tablet will be removed from the Kristin wireless network whilst ICTS conducts investigations, and the student (with support) will be required to remedy the situation before reconnection.

Kristin School reserves the right to request access to any device for investigative purposes only. Failure to surrender the device for inspection will be escalated to the appropriate disciplinary procedures. If an investigation is deemed necessary then the device in question will be removed from the network until a resolution has been reached.

Habiaratutako portletak

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