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Habiaratutako portletak

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Junior School Bouquets


Congratulations to the following students:

Year 0

  • Jacqueline An for communicating her thoughts, questions and ideas confidently
  • Harmony Li for being a kind and conscientious member of our class

Year 1

  • Emma Gao for taking risks and joining in the production of the Jungle Book
  • Emily Logue for thinking of unusual ideas to write about
  • Joshua Watson for making such excellent progress this year
  • Luna Chen for great thinking in Mathematics
  • Liz Zhang for always working hard to write the best stories she can
  • Ray Duan for making great academic progress this year. Your motivation is helping you succeed
  • Jack Lawry for your positive attitude during Visual Art and persevering with cutting skills
  • Bonnie Liu for showing such enthusiasm for learning. You have an incredible attitude
  • Martin Chen for his positive attitude and great effort when learning Chinese characters and using a gentle voice at the Jungle Book
  • Jacob Mack for demonstrating enthusiasm and empathy during his inquiry into the Borneon Clouded Leopard
  • Kristian Singh for demonstrating kindness to others in the playground

Year 2

  • Natasha Burrows for using some great words for effect in all of her writing
  • Iris Zhang for being principled and working collaboratively on her inquiry research
  • Jack Bentley for the commitment you show to learning and respect you have for your fellow artists
  • Jocelyn Ho for her outstanding inquiry into the Venus Flytrap. Your display was informative and creative
  • Emily Zhao for being a kind and caring member of 2P. Your hard work and dedication to always do your best is commendable
  • Eline Feng for growing in confidence and making many relevant contributions to class discussion
  • Molly Yang for taking time to help others in class and demonstrating a principled attitude
  • Chelsea Zhang for showing concentration and dedication towards her learning this term
  • Emma Putintceva for being an inquirer and sharing her ideas with confidence
  • Sophia Tait for being an inquirer and making connections during discussion times

Year 3

  • Dora An for being a curious and enthusiastic inquirer
  • Chloe Loughton for outstanding effort in Performing Arts during Jungle Book rehearsals
  • Isabelle Ning for contributing thought provoking and interesting comments in group discussions
  • Miumiu Pan for being an imaginative and creative learner during our Art projects
  • Dylan Zeng for hard work and perseverance wham challenged in Maths
  • Yiwen Cui for his positive attitude and focus throughout the year
  • Joel Gibb for his positive attitude and contribution to 3S
  • Romy Jiang for her hard work and commitment demonstrated when preparing for the violin performances at school and the Town Hall
  • Hannah Poon for outstanding effort in Performing Arts during Jungle Book rehearsals
  • HanMing Shen for being a diligent and courageous musician when preparing and performing his instrumental pieces in and outside school
  • Kevin Xu for great progress in all curriculum areas
  • Olivia Evans for bringing your enthusiastic and cheerful attitude to school each day
  • Mao Dong Li for outstanding effort in Performing Arts during Jungle Book rehearsals
  • Imogen Linton for displaying effort and determination in her learning this year
  • Takuma Nonaka for embracing the Kristin way of life with enthusiasm
  • Sienna Parker for participating in all areas of school life with 100% effort
  • Christian Patrick for displaying effort and determination in his learning this year

Year 4

  • Jack Barton for making great progress with your reading. Well done Jack
  • Corban Dyer for being a principled and balanced member of class. You are a great role model
  • Cathy Fang for outstanding effort in Performing Arts during Jungle Book rehearsals
  • Emma Jack for displaying independence and confidence in the classroom. Two great attitudes Emma, well done
  • Hansen Zhou for making great progress with your reading. Well done Hansen
  • Imogen Forrester for giving examples and reasons to justify her opinions
  • Willamena Holdsworth for outstanding effort in Performing Arts during Jungle Book rehearsals
  • Josip Tolich for supporting his opinion with reasons and examples
  • Pablo Barrero Ortiz for being a reflective and open-minded learner
  • Maya Ledger for outstanding effort in Performing Arts during Jungle Book rehearsals
  • Elliot Moore for wonderful problem solving in Mathematics
  • Frances Ogilvie for being a caring and principled 4B class member
  • Candy Zhong for amazing problem solving and sharing during Mathematics

Year 5

  • Selena Chen for your fantastic attitude and awesome skills at Mindlab
  • Madeleine Loughton for your positive attitude and fabulous work ethic in everything you do. You are a star
  • Travis Stechman-Smith for your positive attitude and enthusiasm at camp. Well done
  • Sammi Liu for perseverance with all the new learning at Mindlab
  • Lily Tamahori for great collaboration with a partner at Mindlab
  • Kate Wyber for awesome progress in all areas this year
  • Amy Chen for being a focused and responsible class member
  • Bronwyn Feather for being a caring buddy towards our new student in our class

Year 6

  • Yisen Cui for being a dedicated and courageous communicator when preparing for a music performance with a partner
  • Sam Le Noel for the enthusiasm and diligence he shows towards all classroom tasks
  • Janelle Lydford for being an amazing class member, always kind and helpful towards others
  • Kerry Meng for being a passionate and courageous communicator in Treble Clefs and Vocal Music and Drama lessons
  • Sehaj Sapra for great thinking, analysing and recording our forensics unit
  • Lucinda Cotton for being a caring, reliable, thoughtful and dedicated class member
  • Blake Dyer for fantastic progress in Maths this year - well done
  • Richard Xun for your conscientious attitude towards your learning, leading to fantastic progress in reading and maths this year
  • Matthew Youssef for working hard to make improvements in maths- your efforts have paid off
  • Dorothy Zhu for being a kind and conscientious class member, who makes reasoned decisions
  • Elliot Harris for tackling new challenges eagerly and with a positive attitude
  • Lily Richardson for her many insightful ideas she shares with the class
  • Fiona Rogan for her cheery demeanour and focus during our Forensics unit
  • Melanie Tsui for being an inquisitive learner who always helps in the classroom
  • Patrick Vezich for being a committed choir member and a diligent musician when preparing for an instrumental performance
  • Ivy Xu for being a polite pupil who is taking more risks and sharing her great ideas in class