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AKSS Fencing

AKSS #3 and #4  event was held at Massey High School on Saturday the 9th and 23rd June with an unexpected electric outage merging the two events on one day. Very proud to announce, Kristin Girls won the overall Girls Title in the 2018 Regional event, as a  best-achieved school in the girl's events.

Looking forward to the Team events in Term 3.

Congratulations to the following students

SS#3 Women's Epee:
Sally Zhang (Y13) Gold Medal
Anriena Zen (Y13) Silver Medal

SS# 3 Women's Foil:
Sally Zhang (Y13) Silver Medal
Olivia Roberts(Y11) Bronze Medal
Azaria Eddy (Y9) Bronze Medal

SS#4 Women's Epee
Sally Zhang (Y13) Bronze Medal  T
Anriena Zen (Y13) Bronze Medal  T