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Music Tuition

Kristin offers a comprehensive Itinerant Music programme in Vocal and Instrumental tuition. Students are able to study a range of music instruments or receive vocal coaching from skilled, professional music specialists.

We strongly encourage students to discover the pleasure and positive discipline of music tuition. Kristin offers individual lessons for instrument and voice, with lessons being on a private basis with our itinerant teachers.

For all enquiries please email Performing Arts >>

Lessons are available on the following instruments:

Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Recorder, Saxophone, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Voice.

Lessons are usually half an hour long and take place weekly at a fixed time. Because the school works on a seven-day academic timetable, students do not miss part of the same lesson each week.

When to Start Learning an Instrument

While music enthusiasts of all ages will benefit from learning an instrument, some instruments are better suited to young children than others.

Parents of children in Year 0-2 may apply for tuition on violin only. Of all musical instruments, the one that should ideally be started at a young age is the violin. For this reason we allow children from Kindergarten upwards to have violin lessons. As well as traditional violin teaching, we offer the Suzuki method where children learn from listening and imitation.

The age to begin learning an instrument depends on the size and aptitude of the child, but as a guide, tuition is available on violin, cello, piano, recorder and fife from Year 3 and on other instruments from Year 5. Guitar and drums are usually started at Year 7.


Students are expected to practise regularly. The length of practice will depend on the age and level of your child. What is important is to establish a routine that can be followed on a daily basis. With younger students, practising should be supervised. Please give constant encouragement and support so that your child does not feel isolated. You may find it helpful to sit in on your child's lesson occasionally so that you know what the teacher expects.

Performance Opportunities and Co-curricular Expectations

Much of the joy of learning music is to share the fun of playing or singing with others. Recitals are held two or three times a year to give our musicians an opportunity to perform to a supportive audience. We will let you know when your child is ready to take part in one of these recitals, and you will be invited to come along.

In the case of orchestral/band instruments, there is an expectation that your child will join one of the school ensembles as soon as we feel that he/she is ready. This is an important aspect of musical education and a valuable way in which to contribute to the life of the school.

Hire of Instruments

Certain instruments are available for hire from the Music Department. We can also advise you of companies operating loan or hire purchase schemes. The standard hire of school instruments is $130 per year. Students are responsible for replacing broken strings and reeds, and for repair charges if an instrument is damaged through misuse. Where there is a high demand for a certain instrument, we may have to restrict the hire period to one year; this gives parents time to decide whether to purchase an instrument and enables us to pass the school instrument to a beginner. Parents who hire a school instrument sign a form accepting responsibility for it.

Payment and Charges

Itinerant music teachers (who are self-employed) send out their own accounts at the beginning of each term. There is also an annual administration fee of $80 which is payable to Kristin. This is charged to your school account each year of tuition.

Application and Contract

Please download the application form and return it to the Music Office. The relevant teacher will contact you directly to make lesson arrangements. In certain instruments, particularly voice, a limited number of places are available and auditions may be held. A Tuition Contract which outlines expectations is signed by the student, parent and teacher when lessons begin.

Tuition is also available for Speech and Drama.

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