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Introducing Diana Patchett, Junior School Principal

Mrs Diana Patchett, M Ed, BSc, Dip Ed, Cert IV Outdoor Rec.

Diana was born in far northern Canada and lived much of her life above the treeline in the land of ice and snow. She gradually moved further and further south, retracing in reverse her parent's adventures as Australian migrants.

Her love of children, biology and M*A*S*H led her towards studies to become a paediatrician, but sporting commitments and travel intervened; so this passion ultimately took her into education. After national representative honours in rowing and water polo, Diana and her husband raised their four sons in Papua New Guinea and then Australia, before moving to New Zealand to take on the role of Junior School Principal in 2013.

Diana maintains a strong affinity with the values of Kristin and the IB Primary Years Programme; and leads a student-centred Junior School that recognises the gifts and natural curiosity inherent in all children and develops their academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual potential.

From the Desk of Diana Patchett 
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Portlets anidados

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