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Poutasi, Samoa - Primary School

Today we were welcomed into Salelua-Poutasi Primary School. It was extremely different to Falealili Collage. We drove into the school where we were marched into the school by a very talented marching band. The band marched us around the field. The principal of the school then led us over to an umu, where there were people preparing lunch for us. We looked down and there was a dead pig lying on some big banana leaves. As we stood around the people preparing our food got a knife and started to dissect the pig before us. It was interesting to see how the pig was prepared.

Quickly, we moved away from the umu and back to the flagpole where the rest of the primary school was gathered. The student of Salelua primary sang a song to us. Their voices blew us away. A little 5-year-old girl then stood up at the front to sing the national anthem whilst the flag was raised. She was super cute, super proud and super brave to stand up in front of us (palagi) and sing her national anthem.

After morning prayers were finished, we were invited into the hall where we took part in a traditional ceremony, the kava ceremony, which was performed by the chiefs of the village. Everyone got a chance to drink the kava, which is the water from the roots of a tree. The water is supposed to make your mouth, hands and feet numb however none of us drank enough of the ava for that to happen. Personally, I did not like the taste of the ava water although others didn’t mind it. We were invited into another room after the ceremony had finished, where the school had prepared a yummy breakfast for us. When breakfast was finished it was time for morning tea.

Morning tea was crazy. The students of the school all ran to find a Kristin buddy to hang out with. Everywhere you looked there were Kristin students surrounded by little kids. It was pretty full on but it was fun and all of the students from Salelua Poutasi School were friendly, cute and funny.

We went and sat down in the school hall after morning tea ended. The girl who sang the national anthem sang us a song, the marching band performed a few pieces. In the marching bands pieces the trombone players played the song with their feet. The older students had prepared some songs and danced for us. They were all amazing but there was one boy in particular who was really good at dancing. Luckily, we got to dance with them at the end.

At lunch, Jack and Levi had a sandwich eating contest. Levi won with 13 sandwiches; Jack managed to eat 12. When lunch ended we hopped into the vans and went back to fale.

Everyone except Thomas and I then went to the waterfall because of Thomas’ broken arm and because I’m slightly sick. We’ve just been at the fale folding washing, eating chocolate and writing the blog. As soon as everyone gets back from the waterfall we are planning on painting the storage fale and other jobs.

Thomas and Charlotte

Kristin School Poutassi

Kristin School Poutassi