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2S at Hilton Brown Swimming

2S are loving visiting the Hilton Brown Swim School for their lessons. During the first four weeks of this term we are having six one hour sessions. We get changed at school and then have a short bus ride to the pool. The instructors are very experienced and make learning to swim and practising water safety, fun and enjoyable. Most of the class are already competent swimmers and the rest are quickly developing their skills and confidence in the water.

Here are some reflections of the student’s experiences using the five senses to guide their writing.

I see the warm, sparkling wet water,
I hear the swimming teacher,
I smell the boiling hot air,
I feel the smooth, rushing water,
I taste the soft, warm water,
I have lots and lots of energy.
Will McLeod

I see the splashy water,
I hear the waves going around,
I smell the cold, fresh air,
I feel the children splashing me,
I taste the freezing cold, salty water,
I feel a bit sick now!
Zachary Shang

I see the sparkles coming off the refreshing water,
I hear people splashing, yelling and screaming,
I smell the rough air,
I feel the super bumpy lane rope,
I taste the refreshing water,
I had a great time!
Olivia Ye