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Kristin Sports Academy

At Kristin, we recognise that high-performance pathways are vital for students who seek to compete at the highest levels of age-group competition and beyond, and that top coaching, facilities and performance-focused programmes build a strong foundation from which determined young athletes can rise.

Offered in direct partnership with AUT Millennium, the Kristin Sports Academy provides opportunities for young and developing athletes to access customised development programmes.

The aim of this programme is to help students establish a strong foundation in fundamental and core skills; to become faster, fitter, stronger and ready to realise their potential in senior sport.

Kristin Sports Academy will produce Athletes of Significance:

"An unselfish team player who combines mental toughness, perseverance, and athletic skill with exemplary sportsmanship and fair play. This athlete has a teachable spirit and demonstrates the drive, will, and courage to stay committed and succeed, regardless of the challenge."

- Dr Ralph Pim

The Kristin Sports Academy Team

Sports Director    Rob Taylor
Teacher in Charge   Kate Denman


Strength and Conditioning Trainer - Andreas Fossum
Basketball - Simon Mesritz  
Football - Rob Pickstock
Hockey - Sam Bartholomew
Netball - Kate Denman

To complement the core coaching team, professional coaches will be asked to come in and train Academy students on occasion. The Academy will also attend training sessions at AUT Millennium and observe international teams when the opportunity arises.

Selection to the Academy

Selection into all aspects of the Kristin Sport Academy is at the discretion of the Director of Sport in consultation with the pastoral care team. Students who would like to be considered for selection should register their interest with the Director of Sport.

Kristin Sports Academy Programme

How it works:

At Year 10:   Three periods per 7-day cycle.

  • Selected students will be invited to form a class in Football and Hockey based on their performance in the previous season.
  • A small number of spaces will be held in the Academy to accommodate students who are new to the school and/or other students who meet the required standard throughout the year.
  • This programme will include strength and conditioning training with the ADA coaches from AUT Millennium and a focus on movement competencies.

At Year 9:

  • This becomes a subject option at Year 9 and runs five periods per cycle. Students will be invited to be part of this programme. All students must be committed to playing for Kristin in their elected sport.
  • There will likely be space in the Academy available to any student not involved in the main team sport. Likewise any student nominated by the pastoral care team will be considered.
  • A small number of spaces will be held in the Academy to accommodate students who are new to the school and/or other students who meet the required standard throughout the year.
  • This programme will include strength and conditioning training and fitness testing with FXV. (Force x Velocity - Athlete Performance Testing, run through the Institute of Golf)

At Year 7 and 8:

  • All students will take part the Academy programme during Physical Education Sport classes all year. These are held once per cycle.
  • The focus of these classes will be on core strength and conditioning, basic movement competency, speed and agility, and small sided games that utilise all these skills.
  • The athlete development (AD) team from AUT Millenium will oversee this programme.

At Year 6:

  • To provide an incentive that recognises talent that ensures continued development and progress.
  • Students nominated by the school during sports class are given an introduction into core strength and conditioning, basic movement competency, speed and agility, and small sided games that utilise all these skills.

Individual Athletes in Other Sports

Talented athletes not in the named team sports may also be selected to join the Academy and work in the Strength and Conditioning sessions with the AD coaches.

Talented Individual athletes in Golf may also be selected to join the Academy to work at the Institute of Golf (iGolf) as part of this programme. (Please note there will be an additional cost associated the Golf programme.)

Core Strength and Conditioning and Movement Competency

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with the leading sports science centre of sporting excellence in New Zealand.

  • Andreas Fossum, our AUT University sports science expert, focuses on correct movement and technique in the area of strength and development as well as movement competency.
  • All students in the Academy will be tested on fitness and strength using standardised tests such as the beep or yoyo test, prone hold, and vertical jump.  Students will then be given instruction and individualised programmes to ensure they improve on these initial results.
  • This is not a short-term programme. As the students move through the Academy they will continue to be monitored and tested. Out of this programme it is our expectation that all athletes will become fitter, faster, stronger and skilled in whatever sport they participate.

Dedication and Commitment to Sport

All members of the Kristin Sports Academy are expected to demonstrate 100% commitment to their sport and display the attributes of good sportsmanship. It is also expected that all students within the programme will maintain high levels of effort and achievement in all areas of their schooling. Failure to adhere to these expectations will result in a review of your position within the programme.

The Kristin Way is about being the best you can be, every day.

  • Have FUN
  • Commitment to Kristin Sport is a priority.
  • Be proud to represent Kristin.
  • Be humble in victory and modest in defeat.
  • Respect is shown at all times to all involved in sport.
  • Be a leader, always want to give more.
  • Train accurately and with a purpose.
  • Work hard in all aspects of your chosen sport.
  • Acknowledge strengths and work to progress weaknesses.
  • Acknowledge hard work and self reflection bring results.
  • Prepare to be INNOVATIVE.

Verschachtelte Portlets

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