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Winter Sports Update

It has been great to see our Kristin teams out competing during the week and on Saturday in the North Harbour and Auckland wide competitions. Thank you to the staff, coaches and managers involved with all our teams across all our sports. To give you an example of the numbers involved we have 27 basketball teams competing during the week. This includes ten mini ball teams ( Junior School ).  They play on a Monday down at the North Shore events centre. Again thank you to all the parents supporting their children in these teams and to our coaches Norm and Carl who continue to provide a positive environment for our students so that they can learn about the game and have fun playing with their friends. Basketball is just one example of the sports programme here at Kristin. I can confidently say that across all our sports students are involved and experiencing the benefits that sports bring.

There has been plenty of news articles and talk about sport recently. One piece of research that reinforces what makes sport fun for children age 8 - 17 came from Amanda Visek at George Washington University. She ranked their responses and interestingly "winning" came in at 30th over 81 different areas. The top 10 responses included five that involved positive, caring coaches who know their sport. We at Kristin have worked hard to ensure our senior teams have quality coaches, and all other teams have a coach who is fully aware and able to provide a positive experience for their team. We have many student coaches who are supported and managed through the season. This is another example of sport helping our students develop skills which will see them better placed in the wider world when they leave school.

It has also been great to receive support from parents in all sports. Our Netball and Rugby teams have travelled overseas this year and can only do so with the continued support from our parent body. I attended a “good sports” coaching course during the week. Some advice that appeared in one of the presentations concerned what should a parent say to their child on the drive home after a game...one comment that resonated with me…. “ I loved watching you play today ”.

Good luck to all our teams playing this weekend and for the rest of the season. You can follow Kristin sport with our senior sports committee who promote the sports programme on Instagram: kristin_sport