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Wheels Day

The Junior School Student Council organised a Wheels Day on Wednesday 12 September. The Student Council, with the aid of Mr Hutton, Mrs Harris, and many other selfless teachers, worked really hard to plan it out for the Junior School Students. The Junior School was lit up with smiles while students rode their wheels.  Children were having the time of their lives racing each other across the tennis courts, through the bus bay and the road linking between. Some comments from the students were…

“really fun” says Isabel Chen y1

“It was indescribable” reports Georgie Miller y5

What did you enjoy about wheels day?

“Riding around in general” announces Jack Barton y5.

“Racing against friends” stated Jake Van-ness y4

Thank you to all the teachers who gave up their lunch time to help supervise wheels day, you left a big impact on the Junior School, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Special thanks to Mrs Clayton, Mr Butler, Mrs Harris, Mrs Taylor and especially Mr Hutton for help with setting up.

We really appreciate all the PE Staff for helping the kids ride their wheels.

Thank you all for helping your kids ride their wheels!

Molly Robertson and Ben Sly
Student Council