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Ladakh Experience - The Trek

We've had a seamless departure for the trek this morning. 45.5 cargo horses (one new foal) and the entire Kristin School team headed off with 15 of my staff on an overcast, cool morning which is actually perfect trekking conditions. They've got a easy, gradual uphill 3 hour trek today to the site of the first camp where everyone will set up their tents and settle in for their first night under the stars. Vivek, our medication teacher is going along for the first day to provide guidance in mindful walking techniques as well as a meditation instruction tonight after nightfall. It's a new moon in the mountains so the star filled night will be spectacular.

All the students are in good shape and looking forward to the challenge of the 8 day trek. I'll be able to receive daily updates for the next three days, but after they cross the pass into Matho Valley, we'll be out of touch with the group for anything other than a real emergency. I'll pass along updates as they come in, but please rest assured that all is well on the Kristin Ladakh expedition.

Bill Kite - Tour Leader