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Biomes in 3S

Year 3 have been enjoying their current Inquiry which started with a trip to Auckland Zoo.
Our central idea is, ‘All forms of life share the natural environment in different ways’
We have been looking at five of the major Biomes and discovering which one of these our favourite animals live in. 3S are very passionate about the ocean and were shocked to discover what an impact that waste, especially plastic, is having on the amazing sea creatures. We have discussed how we can help by taking personal action to stop the single use of plastic bags.

Quenna went home and suggested to her family that they should take their own bags to the supermarket so that they are not relying on plastic ones.

In order to understand how the animals survive in their Biome, we have learned about their different food chains. We were interested to find out that some creatures are eaten by several different predators!

We are now sharing our new knowledge by constructing a diorama. We have chosen a Biome and after lots of research are creating the environment and creatures that live there using paint, card, paper and a few craft items. The finished items look fantastic and are on display in our classrooms.