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Winter Sport At Kristin

During the winter terms here at Kristin, over 1000 students across 100 teams represent Kristin. These sports include badminton, basketball, football, hockey, netball, rugby and water polo. The teams play in both local North Harbour competitions and Auckland wide leagues. One of the standout features across all teams is the "never say die" attitude of our students. Whatever the score is, our students continue to give it their all.  This is a direct reflection of the quality coaching programmes within each sport and the belief and values that our sports programme holds.

We at Kristin are committed to promoting our main team sports and ensuring our students have the opportunity to participate and compete as a member of one of these teams. At Kristin, we are happy to embrace the "David v Goliath” story….small in numbers we are not small in spirit.

Recently Kristin School hosted the year 5 and 6 winter sports cluster. Organised by Head of JS sport Fiona Ackroyd it personified all that is great about sport….participation, competition, Kristin students refereeing and umpiring with some guidance from the adult staff.

There were no issues, no sideline behaviour to sour the day. As the event progressed, all teams involved found their place in the "pecking order"....students understand this. They want to play and compete in a sports contest that is relevant to them. And as the tournament concluded and the finals matches were completed the excitement levels, and intensity increased.

At the final whistle, it was all sorted, and all knew exactly where they stood. It was sport at its finest. In the football, the final finished one all. Both teams understood they had played a great match and were indeed happy to have shared the spoils. The student referees had also done their best, and there were no arguments. Well played the Kristin hockey team that won their final and the basketball team that were runners up. Also well done the football and netball teams that placed 4th. They had all done their best, and that is all we can ask.

Shortly our teams will compete in the NZ secondary schools tournament and the AIMS games. These are the sporting highlights on the school calendar for the students and staff involved. We will be up against the top schools in NZ. As an example, our girl's hockey team travel to Timaru and their first match is against Otago Girls High School. This young team will give it their best and fight for the full 60 minutes. As a team,  they have steadily improved throughout the year and have a healthy positive team spirit.

To all our Kristin teams involved ….Good luck and may you always give it your best both on the pitch and off, ensuring our Kristin teams embrace all that is positive about sport.