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Integrerede portlets

Integrerede portlets

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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulatios to the following students:  

Year 0
  • Monica Guan for her kindness to others, for being inclusive and warm
  • Oscar Zhu for his enthusiasm and perseverance in the story writers workshop
Year 1
  • Claire Bao for her contribution to discussion during Guided Reading
  • Kade Evans for being an enthusiastic and attentive learner when communicating in both Chinese and Vocal Music and Drama lessons
  • Will McLeod for outstanding use of similes to describe his brother
  • Roy Deng for striving for excellence in all his work. You are a great thinker Roy
  • Georgia Ferris for problem solving in mathematics and being a principled class member
  • Cooper Evans for making an excellent effort in literacy. You're a super rhymer Cooper
  • Alissa Liang for writing incredible small moment stories
  • Jihun An for being a caring and responsible class member
  • Emma Chen for being a caring class member and for always demonstrating gratitude
Year 2
  • Mitchell Amos for being a great communicator who makes thoughtful contributions in 2W
  • Emma Clarkson for being so willing to help others and share her knowledge
  • Yolanda Shen for being a diligent thinker and courageous communicator in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Ray Duan for being resilient and working hard to solve mathematical problems
  • Alexander Palmer for being knowledgeable and enthusiastic when sharing his ideas
  • Calvin Li for showing commitment to tackling challenging Maths problems
  • Zorro Robinson for showing enthusiasm when sharing his ideas and knowledge with peers
  • Murdoch Forrester for using exciting and interesting language to write descriptively
  • Ethan Han for being a communicator and making great progress with Reading
Year 3
  • Briar King for being a determined and reflective reader
  • Samuel Shen for being a committed and reflective learner in all areas
  • Cecilia Chen for her positive attitude and caring manner
  • Andy Kim for being a great thinker and sharing his knowledge
  • Daniel Howe for being an enthusiastic learner and tackling new challenges with a positive attitude
  • Luna Tian for producing writing that has been a great joy to read over the past few weeks
Year 4
  • Laura Dong for taking care and pride in the presentation of all work
  • Esther Liu for perseverance when approaching tricky words in Reading
  • Chloe Loughton for consistent effort and progress in all curriculum areas
  • Hanna Bai for working collaboratively with others and displaying a commitment to her learning
  • Euni Lee for being a caring and respectful member of the class. You are a great role model
  • Lucia Amos for being an open-minded and courageous learner
  • Joel Gibb for being a courageous and reflective learner
  • Romy Jiang for being a caring and principled 4B class member
Year 5
  • Georgie Miller for your positive attitude towards all learning and your curiosity in Inquiry
  • Maya Nagarajan for your positive attitude towards school and your independent work habits
  • Christian Skinner for his fabulous start to Term 3 with a great attitude towards learning in all areas
  • Jeremy Tobin for his commitment to his learning and his well earned positive results
  • Jerry Cheng for being a reflective and confident mathematician
  • Maya Ledger or being open-minded and a reflective class member
Year 6
  • Benny Chen for being a motivated and thoughtful collaborator in your Exhibition group
  • Sam Hoseason for your focused and motivated start to Year 6 Exhibition
  • Bryan Hua for an enthusiastic and focused start to our Exhibition this term
  • Pearl Harris for making a fantastic and independent start with her Exhibition research
  • Daniel van der Maas for demonstrating commitment and creativity when working on his Exhibition display
  • Lucy Dai for outstanding performance playing the recorder for the Year 5-6 choir item at the Whole School Showcase
  • Gregory Heyns for displaying enthusiasm and being an open-minded learner as you start your Exhibition journey
  • Madeleine Loughton for outstanding performance playing the flute for the Year 5-6 choir item at the Whole School Showcase
  • Tobias Lu for being a communicator and working effectively and willingly in collaboration with others during Exhibition
  • Bonnie Wang for being an inquirer and developing her natural curiosity independently during Exhibition