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Integrerede portlets

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2W Visit Harold

2W have been fortunate enough to have two visits to the Life Education classroom this term. One of the highlights of going to the Life Ed classroom is seeing Harold and finding out what he has been up to recently.

This term we started our first visit with some special star breathing to get the oxygen going to our brain. It turns out that as we were doing this all of the stars on the ceiling lit up! Soon after arriving everyone started asking where Harold was…and sure enough Jenni found him resting in his bed! He quickly got up and came out to see us and he was definitely very excited to see the children in 2W!

While we were there we talked about the importance of needing food, water, exercise and oxygen. We also learnt lots about needing a variety of foods to keep us healthy.

On our second visit to the Life Education classroom we met Tam and some of the children in 2W got to be special doctors who helped us discover some of the different parts of our body and what each of them does. It was a great session and seeing Harold again reminded us that the Life Education classroom is a great place to visit.