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As well as providing opportunities for students with a passion for the spotlight, Performing Arts at Kristin provides an avenue for students who want to master the many aspects of stagecraft. Led by our award-winning teams in Wardrobe, Set Design, Lighting, Sound and Stage Management, our students are taking on new responsibilities backstage and reaping the rewards for their efforts. In recent years our Wardrobe, Lighting and Sound teams have received multiple nominations for Showdown Awards and growing numbers of Kristin students are seeking tertiary pathways in stagecraft.


Kristin's rich history of Performing Arts is evident with one quick visit to the Wardrobe. Hundreds and hundreds of costumes line the racks from the many shows that have appeared on the Kristin stage. This extensive collection grows with every show, and as such our Wardrobe team are active in the design and construction of each production's new garments.

Set Design

With every production come new creative challenges in designing sets that work with the show, can be manoeuvred easily and which create a visual spectacle – all within a show's budget. Opportunities abound for students who wish to get involved with our Set Design team under the stewardship of our Performing Arts Manager.

Lighting and Sound

Kristin is fortunate to have resident lighting and sound specialists who work with all three schools. These specialists train up students into tech teams who work on regular events, such as assemblies. Some of these students go on to become key crew members, eventually operating equipment in key roles in the major productions.

The Kristin Auditorium complex has three areas with operational lighting. Our Main Auditorium is one of the largest working theatre spaces in Auckland, seating over 1000, and features a full professional-standard lighting rig. With over 150 standard fixtures, the lighting team is also proficient with a range of moving heads, follow spots and special effect lighting.

Our Dove Memorial Theatre, which seats just under 200, also has an impressive rig and the technical desk is a training ground for many interested students as they operate the smaller shows and prepare to work in our larger theatre.

The Drama Studio has a simple lighting set up, suitable for the practical needs of the Drama curriculum.

The Main Auditorium is exceptionally well equipped for the sound requirements of all our productions and wider school events. For the major shows, our sound specialist generally runs 24 channels of radio microphones, plus a 20-channel sound rig for the orchestra.

Stage Management

All Kristin's productions, both in the Dove Theatre and in the Main Auditorium, call for enthusiastic, committed crews of students. The students who apply and are accepted gain experience working backstage on set, maintaining wireless microphones, supervising props, assisting wardrobe and helping call the show. We appoint student Stage Managers who, working alongside adult mentors, learn all the complexities that make up efficient Stage Management in the theatre.

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