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Vnořené portlety

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St Georges, Quilmes Blog

St Georges, Quilmes - Argentina

We arrived in Argentina at the start of the long Easter weekend. This was perfect as it gave us a chance to look around the city and meet some of the students in a more casual setting before we started at the school. For me, the highlight of the weekend was watching the local football team, the Boca Juniors win in the last few minutes in their home stadium to a crowd of crazed fans.

The first day of school was very long for us as classes start at 8am and go until 4:35. However, every day a wide range of lunch and desert options are provided by the school which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Nearly all of the students are completely fluent in both Spanish and English which makes communication a lot easier for us at school, but outside of St George's we are having to work harder on our Spanish to get by.