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0G first day at school

What a fantastic start 0G have had in the Junior School. on Monday morning the children arrived with big smiles on their faces ready to explore their new and exciting environment. It was great to listen to everyone’s adventures that had taken place over the holidays some children bringing in photos to share. There were so many stories that we extended our thoughts into a writers workshop where we drew detailed drawings of our favourite experiences. The children were quick to share their knowledge and understandings about the change in seasons and were curious to explore the changes out in nature. They were very excited to play out in the big playground with friends new and old and particularly enjoyed playing on the monkey bars building upon their upper body strength. As we delved into storytelling, throughout the week a true favourite has been ‘Room on the Broom’ where the children acted out  the different parts of the story and enjoyed drawing props of the different characters sticking them onto a broom.

When I asked the children about their best part of the week they replied  
“Playing in the construction corner building animals houses with the magnetic blocks” Nicole
“Making puppets and tiny cats with lots of shiny jewels”. Annie
“Playing in the big playground with my old friends, my big brother and going down the big green slide”. Aaron
“Listening to so many stories. My favourite is Jack and the Beanstalk”. Christopher
“I love to play in the shop selling everyone all the different fruits”. Jayden 

All of the children are very excited to see what’s next in their Year 0 Junior School journey a lot of great things no doubt!