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Year 4 Bounce High

During Week 1 the Year 4’s took part in two ‘taster’ sessions of Trampolining at North Shore Event Centre.

The children of 4D thoroughly enjoyed the bouncing experience.
They listened carefully to all instructions and by the close of the second session were able to put a sequence of moves together including performing a knee tuck, pike, half twist and seat drop.

Here’s how some of the children described their experiences.

Trampolining was a blast! We jumped like missiles soaring into the air! I felt like an eagle flying for the first time, swooping over the ocean.  Corban

Bouncing on the trampoline felt like sitting on a cloud. Before I jumped on I felt nervous because I was scared I was going to fall off!  Jenny

I loved bouncing on the springy trampoline but I felt nervous when I bounced too high. Spaceball was an amazing game and I had fun getting the others out.  Vivaan

I was a tiny bit scared before I got on the trampoline. I learnt how to do a pike jump and a straddle jump. I loved trampolining!  Henrietta

I felt excited to go on the bouncy trampoline. Then I was amazed how high I could jump. It felt like I could touch the roof!  Hannah