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2019 Visit to Japanese Embassy

by Harry Xiang

On June the 11th our year 10 class and 4 Japanese senior school international students went on a trip to the Japanese Embassy. In order to prepare for the trip, we had to learn what to do beforehand and learn what to say while we are at a restaurant and many other things. The first place we went to was the Japanese embassy located in the city. We stayed most of our time at the Japanese Embassy, where we got given some pamphlets and got asked a quiz on what we knew about Japan and the upcoming events which included the Rugby World Cup happening later this year. They also talked about the 2020 Olympics happening next year.


Next, we were greeted with a tea tasting workshop where the students in the year 10 Japanese class got to taste a variety of different tea, These included, Sencha, Tencha, Matcha, Genmaicha and the Hojicha. The Sencha tea tastes grassy and natural, the Tencha tasted like seaweed and the Matcha tasted kind of bitter. The Genmaicha had a milder taste and the Hojicha was quite bitter. Personally, I liked the Hojicha the most as it had a taste that I was familiar with. I also liked the Genmaicha as it wasn’t that strong. At the end of the tasting session, one of the ladies gave us their matcha chocolate to taste. The chocolate was one of the best pieces of chocolate I had in a while.


Next, we went to a Japanese restaurant called Katsura where we went to eat lunch. We were there and we used our Japanese skills to use to order food. This trip was a really good experience and was a really great way to test our Japanese abilities.