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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Year 7 Travelwise Celebration

by Kaelyn McGhie

On Friday 9 November, the Year 7 Travelwise Leaders went to The Cloud in Auckland City to celebrate the work we have done this year to make the Kristin Community safer when travelling to and from school. We traveled around the city, from The Cloud to Wynyard Quarter and learnt some new interesting information about our city. We learnt that in certain places in Auckland there is an electronic counter to count the number of people to cycled past that. In The Cloud, the Police brought in speed guns and they had us run up a track as fast as we could, and then they would give us our speed, the record was 24 km/h! Lastly, to top it all off we even got free ice cream! Overall the entire day was amazing and we all had a incredible experience!