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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Year 4 Sky Tower & Exploring Auckland Experience

As part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘Where we are in place and time', the Year 4 students explored Auckland, to inquire into our local history and the significant changes in Auckland over time.

The Year 4 students got to go up the Sky Tower and see the amazing view of Auckland. Down at Silo Park the students walked along the Auckland Waterfront to see the Lighthouse. At the Auckland Wintergardens we got to see the variety of beautiful plants and flowers. It was exciting to go through the Waterview Tunnel twice on our way back to Kristin.

4B’s and 4M’s Highlights:-
I really enjoyed the Sky Tower because I got to explore the Sky Tower with my friends and take photos. Imogen
I really liked the Wintergardens, it was a great experience. Keira
I really liked being at the top of the Sky Tower and watching people jump off. Aarush
I liked standing on the glass floor of the elevator going up the Sky Tower. Samuel
My favourite part was going up the Sky Tower and seeing the view of Auckland. Also watching the movie in the theatre. Olivia and Stephen
I enjoyed going down the stairs in the Sky Tower to the refuge centre. Jenny and Mao Dong
My favourite part was going to Silo Park because of the big silos. Aryan Ganesh
I liked the Wintergardens and the glass houses with beautiful flowers. Laura
I really enjoyed passing through Wynyard Quarter. Aryan and Scout
I liked the fernery in the Wintergardens because it looks just like a native forest. Holly

The day was amazing.
4B & 4M