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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Year 4 Camp

The Year 4’s have just returned from their amazing first camp away from school and home.

As a class, 4D reflected on the parts of camp they most enjoyed, giving a firm reason why they made that choice.

Here is a selection of 4D’s reflections.

The best part of camp was watching Mr. Hutton and Mr. Messervy feed the pigs because the pigs were super funny when they slurped up their food and they were very chubby. Tiffany

The best part of camp was dinner in the lodge because the lasagne was so good! Alfie

One of the best parts during camp was ‘Eels and Friends’ because I caught a few eels and it was fun watching them cling on the meat while they wiggled in mid-air.  Dora

The best part of camp was when I fell in the water when we were crossing it because it was lovely and cool on a hot day! Yiwen

The best part of camp was eating the delicious burgers and going on the slippy-slide because we made our own burgers and I went down the slippy-slide super fast. Sarah

The best thing at camp was sleeping in the cabins because they were big and comfortable and I was with my friends. Takuma