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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Year 4 at Mindlab in MOTAT

Year 4 had the opportunity to visit Mindlab in MOTAT.  Here are some comments about the activities.

My favourite activity at MOTAT was the M-bot. We used a computer to program the robot and the controller to get the robot to roll around. We also had to try to program the M-bot to light up. We had to try to make the colours orange, purple and white. We all had a fantastic time at MINDLAB!

I really enjoyed making an electric car. It was like building a Lego car but also using plastic wheels, batteries and an electric fan. We got to make our own design and work out how the car should work. Mostly everyone was successful. Everyone’s favourite part was not building the car but racing each other’s car.

I enjoyed TINKERCAD the most. TINKERCAD is a 3D printer program. There’s a column of shapes on the right hand side of the laptop. You can drag shapes on to the work space. I made a bedroom including a bed(obviously!), a bedside table, a rug and door, but you can make something COMPLETELY different. Unfortunately we didn’t get to print.

My favourite activity at MINDLAB were the electric cars.
We had to make an electric car with LEGO, skewers, plastic wheels and a fan engine. We made it go by sticking the fan engine on a piece of LEGO and switching it on and the fan engine propelled it down the ramp.