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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Year 1 Release a Frog

The central idea of the Year 1 inquiry this term is ‘The world is shared by living things’. One of the lines of inquiry linked to this is, ‘Our responsibility for the wellbeing of animals in our environment.

We recently had the opportunity of taking action, related to this. Enjoy reading a selection of the children’s written recounts to find out what happened.

Last week a Year 3 girl called Ruby found a frog. She found it in a drain. She pulled it out of the drain. I asked her how she opened the drain. She told me the drain was loose. The drain was near Year 3. We decided to take it to its natural habitat. Mr Calvert let it go in the stream. When we first let it go, it was scared of the water. Then it jumped in the stream. We left it there. By Claire Bao

Last week, Ruby from 3P found a frog in its wrong habitat. She loved animals. Mr Calvert called us for a surprise. When Mr Calvert opened the lid the frog leapt twice at Chloe Ma. Chloe was frightened. Mr Calvert was brave to catch the frog. As quick as a flash Mr Calvert put the frog in a bucket. We took it to its natural habitat. The frog jumped in the water and it swam. 1S, 1C and 1P watched a bit and left.
By Reagan Liang

I screamed and screamed when the frog jumped out of the lunch box. Whoow! Mr Calvert was very brave to catch the frog. Mrs Page-Wood said, “Look at your new habitat, Frog!” Splash! Splash! Splash! The frog jumped back into the water and swam away happily. By Henry Frizelle