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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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As part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘Sharing the planet' Sally Smith from Watercare came to teach us about what people do to purify the water and be able to see through it. She told us about polluted rivers and bugs that live in the water. We learnt about nitrate and ph tests, we were fascinated and thought it was interesting. She gave us some water with powder in it to experiment with. The test was the ph test. We dipped the ph sticks into the water and looked to see if it was acid or alkaline.

A few days later we visited the Kristin wetlands to look at the stream pollution, freshwater bugs/macro invertebrates.  All Year 4 students made a scoop to collect the water to use in the testing experiments. We tested the nitrate and ph level of the water and the temperature of the water. After that we searched for bugs and we think the best part of going to the Wetlands was finding the bugs.

Next we learnt where Auckland's water comes from and how it is treated. We had fun acting out a drama pretending we were water drops discovering the water cycle. We travelled through the sky and through pipes to the cleaning place where we got cleaned and put in a tank ready to be used. Sally taught us about filters and what things can be used as a filter. Then we had to make a filter out of bark, sand, paper towels and cotton balls. We tried to make the dirty water clean by using a range of filters.

After that we learnt about the difference between stormwater and wastewater and how our wastewater is treated. We went down to the gym by the drain to look at how the water flows. Our first challenge was the mountain, where you had to put rocks on a cardboard and guess how many rivers you can make. Next we had to make a fast flowing river using rocks.

The Year 4 students celebrated World Water Day by making posters to reflect on how necessary clean water is to our survival and to create an awareness of the need to conserve this precious resource.

Our favourite experiment was filtering the water and making World Water Day posters.