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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Student Services LeadershipTeam

The Student Services leadership team is a group made up of year 10 students and is lead by Mr Gurney. We help out both new and old students coming in to Kristin and make them feel welcome. So far we have helped out in two try days for new students coming to the middle school at Kristin. We assisted in different classes like French, Science and Maths as well as helping out at Morning Tea and Lunchtime. We also helped out at Grandparents day to help show them around and make sure there were no complications on getting to certain places. This year we decided that we wanted to help out in outside of school organisation. Recently there had been an article in the paper about how the North Shore Hospital was in need for warm wool beanies for premature babies. This was now one of our goals, to provide two woolen beanies each to the North Shore Hospital. We also chose to do a shoe drive for the Salvation Army as they are always in need of shoes. After a few weeks of talking to classes and year groups and deans assemblies we managed to collect over 80 pairs of shoes from both students and staff. We then delivered them to the Salvation Army which the were pleased to have donated.

More about the knitting project

The Year 10 Service Leadership team are currently knitting Bijoux Beanies for premature babies at North Shore Hospital. Mr Gurney has ordered several beginners knitting kits from Kidset and students have been busy knitting. Picture is the chairperson, Ella Senior, Year 10 who literally began her first knitting experience 3 days earlier. She is showing the beanie that she knitted after 4 hours of concentrated work. Each team member has a goal of knitting at least 2 beanies each .