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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Storytelling in 0D


Our Inquiry this term has taken us on a journey to the land of make-believe and storytelling.

The children have openly embraced this topic, as it is very age appropriate and their imaginations have guided us to places we could never have planned for.

We started the term by changing our classroom environment, filling it with provocations to encourage dramatic play. The children have put on puppet shows, music concerts, re-created story books, become teachers, doctors, Mums, Dads, gingerbread men… the list goes on! The beauty of Inquiry is that it incorporates all curriculum strands; for example the children have initiated selling tickets to their shows, which required them to come up with prices for tickets and then sell them using play money. They also created invitations to their puppet shows, an activity rich with literacy.

We are just starting to do our author study, where we will be looking into well known children’s author Julia Donaldson. The class is already loving the way she uses rhythm and rhyme in her books to tell stories with clear messages, problems and resolutions.

You can see from the pictures how much the children in OD have really embraced their ‘Once upon a time’ inquiry over the last four weeks.