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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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START TIMES: Junior School Cross-Country

The Junior School Cross Country will be going ahead today as planned. 

Approximate start times as follows on the Bass Road Field:

Time           Participants                             Distance (approx)

10:45am      Kindy students                         130m

10.50am      Year 0 students                        130m

10:55am      Year 1 Girls                              420m

11:00am      Year 1 Boys                              420m

11:05am      Year 2 Girls                              650m

11:10am      Year 2 Boys                              650m

11.15am      7 Year old and under, Girls         920m

11.20am      7 Year old and under, Boys         920m

11:25am      8 Year old Girls                          1000m

11:35am      8 Year old Boys                          1000m

11:45am      9 Year old Girls                          1340m

11:55am      9 Year old Boys                          1340m

12.05pm      10 Year old and over, Girls          1540m

12:15pm      10 Year old and over, Boys         1540m