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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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St George's Exchange - Update 3

Today is Sunday. We left the house early in the morning to head out to the old centre of Buenos Aires. We drove through interesting streets until we reached the imposing Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada. The Casa Rosada is the office of the President of Argentina and its importance has made it a Historic National Monument of Argentina. It is a beautiful old building and is an interesting pink colour. Some people believe that it is pink because cow’s blood was originally used to paint its exterior. Eva Peron talked to the people from the main balcony, you can see Madonna do this in Evita. We also saw a small parade on the other side of the Plaza.

We then looked in a small Museum on the Western side of the massive Plaza de Mayo. The museum is housed in the beautiful old colonial Cabildo. This was also once a government building. It is a lovely white building with a central bell tower and many arches. We also saw an gigantic old church, but it was close so we just walked around the outside.

Next we drove to San Telmo. It is the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires and on Sunday it has a great antique market which covers its main square and spreads out into the streets. It also has many street performers. I bought a few antique gifts for myself that Maria tried to bargain for.

After eating empanadas sold on the streets of the markets and looking around we headed to a horse show in Belgrano. It was great!, We stayed there for an hour and watched competitors jump around 1 meter 40 which is an impressive height. For dinner we went out to Kansas which is a well know restaurant as its always busy and the service is great. Juana and I ate their famous ribs which are giant!

It was a great day as l got to see some beautiful old buildings in Buenos Aires, enjoyed the buzz of the street markets, ate traditional empanadas and saw a wonderful horse show.

Freya De Raadt