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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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St George's Exchange - Lollapalooza

The first week in Argentina has been interesting, I arrived here on Friday afternoon and after a long flight finally managed to get some sleep! When I woke up, Santiago took me around the country (which is what they call the gated communities here) to meet his friends and get to see all of the country, Abril. I spent the rest of the weekend adjusting to the time here as jet lag had kicked in.

Monday was my first day of school. The students are all very friendly and like to ask a lot of questions about New Zealand. School days here are much longer and tiring as they have 8-period school days here in comparison to the 6-periods school days at Kristin.

Then on Friday and Saturday night, we went to the Lollapalooza Music Festival. This was a two-day event which gave me the opportunity to use Spanish. I had to talk in Spanish when ordering food and water and figuring out how much money to give them. Lollapalooza had many music artists such as Flume and The Weeknd. There were a lot of people, 100,000 people had entered on both nights!

By Shamen