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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Science in 1S

In the first week of this term, the Year 1 students had an exciting provocation for their Unit of Inquiry on melting and freezing. Each class was given a gigantic ice block at the beginning of the day. The words for the central idea were frozen inside the block. During the day, the children observed it melting. 

As each word was retrieved, they used their new decoding skills to read them. Much discussion went on as to what these scientific words meant. Energy? “The sun gives us energy,” one student said. State? “What you feel like!” said another. Matter? “What’s the matter, like if you are sad” a student suggested.

Finally, using some of their knowledge of sentence structure as clues, the central idea was formed, namely ‘Heat energy affects the state of matter’. Wordy for five and six year olds? Maybe, but as we have continued with more experiments this week, these young students have begun to make their own scientific observations. When melting frozen hands of ice, made by filling rubber gloves with water, one noticed how the ice floated on water as it melted. Others observed how bubbles were formed in the ice. From these observations more questions were provoked, and so the learning continues.