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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Poutasi, Samoa - Relaxation

Today we started off the day going old school and hand writing letters to you all at home. Hopefully you guys will get those in around about 3 days!

We packed up our beach Fales and headed off to Lalamumu beach one of the nicest beaches in Samoa. It was really warm and the water was so clear and blue you could see everything under you. Meanwhile some of the girls took the opportunity to tan in the sun. We had a break from Samoan food and had some classic burgers and chips for lunch.

Next we went to To Sua ocean trench which was definitely the highlight of the day. There was a small walk down and a steep ladder to get to the platform in which we jumped off. The current was pretty strong but luckily there was a rope to hang on to. We explored the small cave and had lots of fun in the refreshing water. It was an amazing view and experience and we definitely took some memorable photos. A few of us also went to look at the rock pools to watch the waves come in.

After a long day we went back to our big Fale, at least most of us did. Mrs Newbold decided to take a scenic detour right across to the other side of the country, while the rest of us were locked outside waiting for the key, which Mrs Newbold conveniently had. After what felt like days waiting, jobs finished, and dinner ready to be served (apart from the fact that we had no plates and cutlery, since they were inside); they rocked up blasting Katy Perry.

Overall it was a great and exciting day full of new experiences and memories we will never forget. We are eagerly anticipating meeting all the new people at the Primary school tomorrow morning.

Hope you receive your letters soon!

By Alyssa, Sami and Kate

Kristin School Poutassi

Kristin School Poutassi