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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Poutasi, Samoa - New Buddies

Today was massive. We started our day with dulcet rooster tones from Mr Ah Sam’s phone, which, was plugged into speakers. After breakfast we headed off to school again and joined in with classes and buddies until lunchtime. Harriet and I really enjoyed getting fake tattoos on our arms, which were drawn on by the school kids.

We went back to the fale for lunch and a swim before we headed back to the College to meet up with the students that were hosting us for the evening.

Alex: “My buddy was Timo. His family owned three large plantations of taro and coconut. He asked me if I wanted one and when I said yes, he just got his chainsaw and cut the tree down to retrieve one. We went back to the fale where he showed me how to husk it and then we fed it to the pigs. He also cut down some sugar cane which was a sweet treat”.

Harriet: “I went home with Tuvalu. When we arrived I was very nervous as her whole family and friends were at the house. I went and sat with her aunty and I got introduced to all of her brothers and sisters. After we had been sitting for a very long time, she told me to go and help her go and tidy up from the funeral they were hosting for their family relative. Once we’d tidied up, we headed off for a swim with others from the school. I met up with new friends and caught up with Jess who was with her buddy. After swimming I got given some dinner. I was a bit nervous about the meat because it was sitting in the sun for the whole day so to be polite I said I was a vegetarian. The other stuff I had was called sapasui, which was like a noodle dish and it was really good. The cousins came over, taught me some new Samoan words and exchanged Facebook names. Before I left I took photos and exchanged gifts. I got a really nice lavalava. It was really neat and a different experience to see what the Samoan family way of life is like."

By Alex and Harriet