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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Middle School Melbourne Experience

Day 6

In my opinion, Day 6 was probably the most fun day of all. In the morning we woke up at 6:45 and got ready in our rooms for breakfast at 7:30. We then walked to the 'Go West' tour bus which was being driven by a very kind man called Scott. We headed off to Phillip Island. The first thing we did was go to the chocolate factory. There were dozens of statues and sculptures made out of 100% chocolate. Some of them had buttons which made them move. In the last room, there was a DIY chocolate station, where you could choose a block of chocolate's flavour and filling and get it packaged. We then went surfing at Smiths Beach with really awesome surf tutors. We were out there for just over an hour.

After that we went to get dinner. I got a burger from Burger Edge with some friends and some lollies from the sweet shop. After that we went to the penguin parade and we saw tons of penguins.

By James Kelly

We woke up at this morning with so much excitement and night chills from the scary encounters at the jail last night. After breakfast we headed down to the bus to grab a seat for the long trip ahead. As we headed out the of marvellous Melbourne our amazing bus driver / guide told us about the big landmarks like the sports stadium and river. 

Our mouths were watering as we approached the chocolate factory. We got our tickets and headed in with speed. The first room was fall of cool gadgets and contraptions like the cocoa seed shreader and the seed cleaner. The following room was cool of cool games and puzzles to test our stills and senses, which if completed correctly we got a reward of a small chocolate. Then there was the chocolate maker were we got to make our own flavoured chocolate bar.

Then we were of to the surf break! After we were suited-up we headed to the beach, we got a short lesson on the basics and headed off into the blue. After surfing for an hour we had some hot cocoa to warm our frozen bodies. Then it was time to head to the main event we were all so exited to get there. When we arrived we were greeted by some people to check our tickets then we headed to the beach to find a seat for the show of a lifetime. The penguins were so adorable - tumbling and falling as they dashed to the rocks to hopefully get to the little home. Today has truly been one to remember.

By Thomas Boocock 


Day Five:

Today we slept in before catching the tram up to Victoria Market. It was shoppers heaven, just like the Pearl Market in Beijing. After lunch we headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria, where we learned about the Aboriginal customs and created our own Aboriginal artwork. Afterwards we looked around at the different types of native plants before having afternoon tea. In the evening we visited the old Gaol and learned about the criminal life of Ned Kelly and tried on his iron armor. Overall it was an awesome day full of fun and learning

By Millieke McKay and Hermione Aris 


Day Four:

Today we went for a train ride on the Puffing Billy. Puffing Billy is a 100 year old steam train that takes many people in its old fashioned carriages for a short journey around the middle and top of a mountain. After we had got off the train we went on an hour bus ride to a place called Healesville. This is a wildlife care and conservation center. It consists mainly of animals found in Australia and not many species from around the world live there. My favourite thing there was the bird show because all of the birds were so clever and knew exactly what the humans meant. The birds in the show consisted of was parrots, cockatoos, owls and raptors. As well as the show we got to wander around and see so many indigenous animals. We all had a great day.

By Alex McKay


Day Three:

Day 3 was interesting. First, we went to the Scienceworks. There was cool stuff about the future, a simulation of what it would be like in a spaceship and a bunch of interactive tests. There were grip, flexibility, upper body strength, hand to eye coordination and peripheral vision tests. We liked the Planeterium, which is like stardome in NZ. We watched an animation called 'Space Odyssey' and we learnt about the planets and constellations. The shop had a lot of great science games inside, we even saw a meteorite that cost $2,400! Everyone thought lunch was good, we liked the food. The Kokoda trail was slightly tiring, when we climbed up the hill. it was a memorial to the soldiers that died in WW2 fighting in Papua New Guinea.

By Eileen and Deborah

Day Two:  

As the Kristin Melbourne 2017 group awoke from a long previous day, we are greeted with the prospect of an even longer day!  As we boarded for our 1hour journey to Ballarat, on the way we crossed Australia's longest bridge, a whopping 3km long!!! As the bus pullsed up after a long ride everybody descended on the gift shop like flies to honey.

Once everybody was done shopping we entered Sovereign Hill village. It showed the history of the 1851 gold rush. As we were all let loose to explore this amazing time gap, everybody was amazed by the level of detail that the creators went to, to make the audience have the full experience to allow them to feel what it was like to live in the 1800 in Ballarat.

There were four main experiences for all of us to enjoy, the first of the three amazing experiences was the gold mine tour, as we all went down a 53 step mine (it's a lot more than it sounds) we were all greeted by a energetic voice, a speaker in the wall, which provided us with a history of the area as we navigated through the tunnels.

Once we were out of the concaving gold mine, we saw a lake, with pans and sieves next to it. We knew what to do! Every Kristin student was trying to make that lucky find, for at least two hours we tried and tried, but no one succeeded. After that we were still wondering what they did with the gold once it was mined, when we arrived at a smeltry. An industrial blacksmith greeted us and explained to us how he purified the gold to make it as valuable as possible. We all watched with amazement as he scorched the gold to 1200 degrees celsius!!!, then put it in a tub of icy water to cool down... amazing! 

Finally we entered a typical 1800 school classroom (for wealthy people). We learnt that it was very hard to write with old fashioned pens. We are every grateful that we have laptops! It was an awesome day an we all had tons of fun!!!

Day One

We woke up bright and early ready for the Melbourne trip 2k17 !! When everyone got there at 4:15 in the morning, we said our goodbyes to our parents and then we went to check in and went through customs. It sure was a long 4 hour flight but it was worth it !!! Everyone is so excited to be in Melbourne.  

We visited Eureka tower and did the sky walk which was awesome! Then we went and got ice cream and checked into our hotel. We are looking forward to a good night sleep and a busy day tomorrow at Sovereign Hill. - Caitlin and Ella-Jane