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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Making Fraction Kebabs in 2W

On Friday the children of 2W had a rather delicious Maths lesson. As part of our current work on fractions each child brought some fresh fruit to school in preparation for a hands-on lesson! The first thing we realised was that we had so much fruit so some tally charts and skip counting soon helped us work out the quantities of each type of fruit we had.

Next up was hand washing, putting on gloves and deciding how we would go about cutting it up so we could do fair shares. It soon became apparent that after cutting some of the fruit into quarters the pieces were still too big so we had to keep on cutting and cutting! While some children were busy chopping the fruit, others were focusing on dividing it up using the fair share method so there would be plenty for everyone. As soon as the fruit was cut it was time to get down to the business of making our kebab. This was definitely the part we had all been waiting for and it didn’t take long for everyone to eat the kebabs they made.

Of course, as soon as we began to them Mrs Connell started talking about backwards counting and the subtraction we were doing!