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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Lego jar estimation winners

Over the last few weeks the children in the Junior School have been taking part in an exciting maths competition, estimating how many pieces of Lego were in a glass jar. Lots of teachers also joined in the fun working with their classes to develop strategies for making a close estimation and we were so impressed with their efforts.

Estimation was our maths focus word this term and we are thrilled that so many children have developed an understanding of this very important concept.

For students, estimating is an important skill. Without estimation skills, students aren’t able to determine if their answer is within a reasonable range. Estimation also provides children the opportunity to work with a problem without the anxiety of finding the ‘right’ answer, allowing them to attempt new strategies and to be courageous problem solvers.

The actual number of lego pieces in the jar 761.

Congratulations to the following students:

Years 1/2: Simar in 2H  - 750
Years 3/4: we had a tie! Isaac in 3P and Cooper in 4M - 759
Years 5/6: Eric in 5B - 856