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Nested Portlets

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Ladakh Experience - Trek Finished

I have just returned from the small village of Shang Sumdo. It's about 50km away from our home base of Stok and is located at a confluence of two of the major Himalayan Valleys of the region. The Kristin School student expedition group was hiking 3 hours down from their final camp located just below the Shang La pass and came into the village right on time. We had a nice welcome feast of sandwiches and cinnamon rolls waiting for them and then we loaded all the gear and hikers and drive back here to Stok.

Everyone is in fine shape and have stepped up to accomplish an impressive and formidable challenge. Mr Churches and his group leadership team were very impressed with everyone's effort and I've heard nothing but compliments from my staff. Everyone is now back at the hotel and are taking hot showers and preparing for an afternoon of washing clothes and scrubbing boots to be ready for arrival back into Auckland in a few days. Tomorrow we've been invited by the local Islamic School to be their honored guests at the morning assembly and to spend a bit of time with the students of the school. The afternoon is set aside for shopping in the markets of Leh for souvenirs and mementos to bring back to New Zealand.

I've attached a photo of the group right after they finished the trek and before we loaded the bus and drove back to our village of Stok. The mountains in the background of the photo are the ones the group trekked over to reach the pick up point.

All good from Ladakh!

Bill Kite - Tour Leader