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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Ladakh Experience - Safe Arrival

The expedition team all arrived safe and sound on a brilliant morning here in Leh. All of the medical cargo that was brought from Albany as well as Singapore and Delhi arrived as well, so the group has already done a tremendous community service for the thousands of patients that the medical teams will be able to treat more effectively now that they have these medications and supplies.

Everyone is amazed by the spectacular landscape, but also pretty tired from the long journey and sleepless night. They've been given them refreshments, advised of the imperative of hydration and sent to their rooms for some well deserved rest. They'll sleep for 3-4 hours, then have lunch and when the afternoon sun goes down a bit, they'll go out for a walk in the wonderful farming village of Stok.

Kristin School Ladakh Expedition

The students and staff are all in great shape and looking forward to a memorable time here in Ladakh.  They'll keep in touch as the trip unfolds, but the journey from Albany to Ladakh could not have gone any smoother.

By Bill Kite (Tour Leader)