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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Junior School Bouquets


Congratulations to the following Junior School students who received Bouquets this week:


  • Freddie Harris for adding more detail to his stories
  • Oliver Qian for attempting to write independently
  • Alex Constantatos for a positive start to each day. Well done Alex, you are a risk taker
  • Aviana Raymer for being a helpful and caring class friend
  • Kingsley Cheng for sharing your passion for learning with the class
  • Kayla Yu for showing an enthusiastic attitude towards learning
  • Donnie Zhang for clearly communicating feelings in his artwork this week
  • Oscar Kovacevic for working hard to listen to instructions
  • Lexie Link for being a responsible member of our class
  • Kate Le for her careful and considered work with clay this week
  • Chloe Ma for having a positive attitude and working hard during Reading
  • Esther Shen for being principled and knowledgeable throughout the curriculum
  • Roy Deng for contributing thoughtful ideas to class discussions
  • Iris Zhu for her positive attitude towards her learning
  • Reagan Liang for being engaged, organised and focused during class
  • Renee Tran for being courageous and presenting at our sharing assembly
  • Isabel Holdsworth for always demonstrating a thoughtful and caring attitude
  • Ryan Qiu for being a thinker and sharing his ideas with confidence
  • Nafas Esmaili for hard work and determination in all subjects
  • Sampson Rong for an informative and interesting written recount of Camp
  • Alexander Palmer for showing determination and courage at Camp and always giving his best
  • Emmy Sutherland for being courageous and caring during year 3 Camp
  • Kaylee Wu for excellent effort and an outstanding attitude in Performing Arts
  • Ishaan Bahl for being a principled learner who always tries his very best
  • Lucas Dai for excellent effort and an outstanding attitude in Performing Arts
  • Victoria Xin for being a caring and open minded learner who has made many new friends in her new class
  • Scout Harris for being an enthusiastic participant and diligent thinker in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Conrad Meier for making a positive start to year 5 and always doing your best
  • Nikolina Stulich for your enthusiasm and positivity towards everything you do
  • Cooper Ashley for showing curiosity and deep thinking to launch his personal inquiry in 'Curious Inquiry'
  • Imogen Linton for demonstrating responsibility and a desire to do her personal best in all areas of the curriculum
  • Yiwen Cui for being enthusiastic and independent with all classroom activities
  • Hannah Poon for excellence in independence when working on any task
  • Marcus Herrmann for being organised, engaged and focused, a great start to the year Marcus
  • Lisa Yang for giving 100% effort to all classroom activities. What a super class member
  • Lucas Zhou for being an active participant and diligent thinker in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Harrison Fulop for being a positive class mate who always helps others
  • Jessica He for being a principled and caring class mate
  • Jake Bryham for being an interested and motivated learner who questions for understanding
  • Willamena Holdsworth for being a principled learner who is always focused on the task at hand