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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 0

  • Alex Saville for drawing beautiful koru patterns around his sun painting
  • Harry Saville for being courageous when writing stories independently
  • Harmony Li for reflective thinking and confident communication in Inquiry
  • Mateo Palliser for demonstrating perseverance and enthusiasm for Reading
Year 1
  • Amie Goodwin for being a diligent learner when recognising places and helpers at school in Chinese
  • George Guan for being such a principled student
  • Zorro Robinson for being a thinker and taking care with his written work
  • Lucas Alexander for showing commitment and enthusiasm in all areas of school life
  • Murdoch Forrester for the confidence you are showing during your Visual Art lessons
  • Jennie Liang for being a dedicated and diligent learner in Chinese and Year 1 and 2 Choir
  • Victoria Xin for being a responsible learner who always does her best work
  • Marcos Caithness Ruiz for showing strong thinking skills when learning about animals and their habitats
  • Yunie Choi for putting 100% into everything she does. You're a great role model Yunie
  • Martin Chen for asking relevant and interesting questions during the Year One trip to the Zoo
  • Ryan Zeng for working hard to read expressively when reading aloud
Year 2
  • Quenna Han for being enthusiastic and knowledgeable in our Living Things inquiry
  • Isaac Johnson Kucera for taking responsibility for our learning in Visual Art lessons
  • Chloe Wu for always working to her best in Chinese
  • Harrison Yin for using great ideas in his persuasive writing
  • Joyce Deng for always trying her best and taking great pride in the presentation of her work
  • Lucy Jack for her happy and enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of her work
  • Roy Luo for showing enthusiasm and independence towards his inquiry research
  • Sonia Zhao for having a positive attitude towards learning and working hard at reading
  • Tanner Congdon for making excellent progress in Chinese AND Welcome to Kristin
  • Samuel Shen for always being a reliable and responsible member of the class
  • Nikol Sudareva for being an inquirer and sharing her knowledge and insights confidently
Year 3
  • Alpha Chen for hard work and determination in Reading this year
  • William Hay for being open-minded and reflective when trying new Math problems
  • Tiffany Li for demonstrating enthusiasm and passion in learning Chinese
  • Ulyana Ruzich for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dance for The Jungle Book musical
  • Xing Han Yi for demonstrating enthusiasm and curiosity during our inquiry units
  • Lucia Amos for consistent progress in reading and for using a range of comprehension skills
  • Oliver Gao for creative writing using a range of genres
  • HanMing Shen for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dances for The Jungle Book musical
  • Dora Zhou for her positive attitude and clever problem solving in Maths
  • Damon Dai for improved focus and achievement in Maths
  • Lexie Freeman for outstanding reading skills
  • Scout Harris for outstanding reading skills
  • Julius Lin for improved focus and skills in oral language
Year 4
  • Jake Bryham for excellent collaboration with partners in many different subject areas
  • Jeremy Tobin for contributing  his thoughts and sharing his ideas with his peers
  • Justin Zhong for being a confident and knowledgeable mathematician who is willing to explain his thinking with others
  • Harrison Fulop for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dance for The Jungle Book musical
  • Bianca Lee for outstanding progress in Reading
  • Maya Nagarajan for preparing an interesting and informative presentation about Diwali
  • Amy Zhong for using basic facts knowledge to solve increasingly complex Maths problems
  • Sadie McGavin for a positive attitude and determination when learning songs and dance for The Jungle Book musical 
  • Maique Pang for being a reflective and courageous thinker
  • Eric Yan for being a courageous and open-minded learner
  • Lisa Yang for being a caring and principled 4B class member
Year 6
  • Katie Black for being a fantastic class member, and always giving 100% to all classroom activities
  • Flynn Harrison for using descriptive language when creating characters and settings
  • Cayden Isted for engaging positively with all classroom activities
  • Sam Le Noel for being a reliable and cheerful member of Treble Clefs and at class rehearsal
  • Mara Ziegler for great attention to detail during our forensics investigations
  • Kyle Graham-Moore for his excellent attitude and hard work demonstrated in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Timothy Lee for being a fantastic addition to Kristin. You are kind, thoughtful and conscientious
  • David Lou for fantastic achievement across all areas of learning this year
  • Blake Swanson for always giving 100% effort and fantastic achievement in our recent Maths e-asTTle
  • Richard Xun for being a conscientious learner who strives to do his best
  • Andy Zhang for a positive year of growth, humour and kindness to others
  • Hisashi Ariga for always having a great attitude to school. Great focus in Mathematics this term
  • MingYang Du for great attitude to school life and focusing carefully in all curriculum areas
  • Olivia Herrmann for great attitude to school life and fabulous word choices during Writing
  • Sophie Li for being a dedicated member of Treble Clefs and a sincere learner in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Issy Morgan for incredible focus and attitude in Mathematics
  • India Skinner for working hard to look after her voice when being a diligent member of the production and Treble Clefs