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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:
Year 2
  • Bowha Kim for being an enthusiastic learner and always trying her best
  • Rex Wang for his willingness to participate in any activities in Vocal Music and Drama lessons
  • Yilin Zhao for being caring and a great communicator in all subjects
  • Jack Bentley for his outstanding achievements in class and his extra curricular activities. You are focused and hard working
  • Lucy Jack for being an active and courageous performer in Vocal Music and Drama
  • Emily Zhao for making tremendous progress in her reading. Your incredible hard work is paying off
  • Finn Holopainen for using expression while reading and noticing punctuation
  • Andy Kim for being a communicator and entertaining the class during sharing
  • Arturo Salinas Sanchis for being an active participant and thinker in singing and acting
  • Jonathan Rystwej for being a communicator and expressing his ideas creatively with Art
  • Samuel Shen for trying his very best to sing, act, perform and participate in all activities
  • Sophia Tait for being knowledgeable and sharing her information and experiences with others
Year 3
  • Alpha Chen for being open-minded and reflective when trying new maths problems
  • Ulyana Ruzich for being a hardworking and committed student in all subjects
  • Samuel Chua for using a range of problem solving strategies
  • Joel Gibb for making detailed notes about famous explorers
  • Dora Zhou for detailed note making about famous explorers
  • Josh Li for being a responsible and cooperative learner
  • Imogen Linton for always being dependable. You're a great asset to the class
  • Christian Patrick for being a focused and responsible class member
  • Aryan Rodrigues for being a cooperative learner and demonstrating leadership skills
Year 4
  • Klara Collett for her wonderful enthusiasm in the preparation and delivery of her Energy presentation
  • Elisa Gong for arriving each day at school with a smile, ready to learn. You brighten up the classroom Elisa, even on the dullest days 
  • Hannah Kim for demonstrating attention to detail and producing high quality work for her Energy presentation
  • Siwoo Kim for improved focus when working at independent tasks
  • Alana Walker for being a communicator. Alana listens carefully and makes thoughtful comments
  • Frances Ogilvie for being a courageous and reflective mathematician
  • Christopher Rystwej for being a reflective and creative mathematician
  • Eric Yan for being an open-minded and courageous writer

Year 5

  • Chyna Bentley for being a kind and caring buddy for a new student in our class
  • Erina Jin for gaining confidence and asking thoughtful questions in class
  • Nate Wheeler for working independently in class time
  • Gregory Heyns for his proactive questioning when he needs to clarify things
  • Erin Lee for her ever present enthusiasm for school, for her friends and for all activities
  • Daniel Martin for independence and commitment to always stretching himself and developing his abilities
  • Leisha Govender for 5 out of 5 problems correct in Maths Games Test 2
  • Archer Leavy for being hard working and determined in all areas of the curriculum
  • MiniQ Lin for being a caring and reflective thinker
Year 6
  • Sam Le Noel for a great start to Exhibition - working collaboratively and using time efficiently
  • Kerry Meng for being a fantastic class member - always cheerful, helpful and kind to others AND for 5 out of 5 problems correct in Maths Games Test 3
  • Elizabeth Pennington-Leaney for demonstrating creativity when preparing her Lines of Inquiry
  • Edmond Qiu for his diligent approach to all classroom activities
  • Kyle Graham-Moore for a positive attitude and great communication skills during Exhibition
  • Izzy Karim for being a motivated and organised Inquirer during Exhibition
  • Emily Yeung for her positive attitude and collaboration skills during Exhibition
  • MingYang Du for 5 out of 5 problems correct in Maths Games Test 3
  • Jian An He for actively engaging in his Exhibition work, carefully and conscientiously
  • Diego Liang for 5 out of 5 problems correct in Maths Games Test 2 and Maths Games Test 3
  • Lily Richardson for a fabulous start to Exhibition 2017. For using her time constructively and being a self-motivated learner
  • Fiona Rogan for always completing work with quality in mind
  • Jack Shaw for 5 out of 5 problems correct in Maths Games Test 2
  • Melanie Tsui for reading closely to determine what the text says explicitly and makes logical inferences from it
  • Patrick Vezich for 5 out of 5 problems correct in Maths Games Test 2 and Maths Games Test 3