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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Junior School Bouquets

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 2

  • Emma Putintceva for being a communicator and showing focus with literacy tasks
  • Austin Zhang for being a thinker and sharing his knowledge during discussions
  • Joanne Park for being caring and assisting others in their learning
  • Eason Song for exceptional effort across the curriculum
  • Preme Anantho for her hard work and perseverance in all areas of the curriculum
  • Mason Guillard for showing independence and self management skills during clay making in Visual Art
  • Jerry Zhao for his hard work and commitment to his reading and writing. Your work is outstanding
  • Harrison Yin for consistently trying his best and for being an enthusiastic learner
  • Iris Zhang for being a confident and courageous communicator in all subjects

Year 3

  • Lexie Freeman for being a risk-taker in class and during our assembly rehearsals
  • Mao Dong Li for being a responsible and trustworthy class member
  • Julius Lin for outstanding effort in class
  • Nikolina Stulich for being a responsible and trustworthy class member
  • Lucia Amos for sharing her ideas in a concise and informative way
  • Samuel Chua for excellent effort and participation in Performing Arts
  • Alfie Harris for being knowledgeable and for sharing his thoughts with the class
  • Romy Jiang for clever thinking during Problem Solving
  • Cooper Peters for his positive attitude and for his thoughtful contributions to discussions
  • Conrad Meier for hard work and determination in every subject
  • Isabelle Ning for setting high standards and challenges for herself in all subjects
  • Jenny Wang for excellent effort and participation in Performing Arts

Year 4

  • Lily Li for excellent effort and participation in Performing Arts
  • Richie Liu for being a knowledgeable and reflective thinker
  • Amelie Woodward for being a courageous and reflective learner
  • Elisha Wu for being a caring and principled 4B class member
  • Jessica He for being courageous and continually trying new experiences offered at school
  • Bianca Lee for showing so much kindness towards your peers. You are such an asset to 4C
  • Josip Tolich for showing perseverance and continually challenging yourself
  • Vivaan Hira-Patel for excellent effort and participation in Performing Arts
  • Hannah Kim for being a reflective learner, considering how our actions affect our immediate environment
  • Justin Zhong for showing confidence with his work at school thereby achieving a great standard
  • Lucas Zhou for his commitment to focusing well during lessons and producing work of a pleasing standard

Year 5

  • Won Kim for showing responsibility and commitment towards her learning
  • Roy Xie for always showing initiative in every classroom activity
  • Erin Lee for being a principled student, always giving of her best
  • Indy Marshall for being a great thinker when using a reliable strategy to add or subtract in Maths
  • Bonnie Wang for being a committed and reflective member in Vocal Music and Drama, and Treble Clefs Choir
  • Heather Boardman for your improved focus in class and positive attitude towards learning
  • Lucy Dai for being a dedicated and diligent worker when preparing for a singing performance with a partner and for the musical item at the assembly
  • Gabriel Froggatt for your improved attitude and focus in class. Keep up the great work
  • Erina Jin for being diligent and courageous when presenting a round with a partner in a Vocal Music and Drama lesson

Year 6

  • Jian An He for showing initiative in the classroom and exhibiting a positive outlook and attitude to school activities
  • Sophie Li for readily grasping new concepts and ideas. For fabulous detail in her weekly reading log
  • Diego Liang for being a confident and conscientious worker in both Treble Clefs choir and Vocal Music & Drama lessons
  • India Skinner for being a conscientious student during mathematics lessons and displaying good citizenship by always helping others
  • Melanie Tsui for being an enthusiastic learner who always displays a positive attitude. Well done on being a fabulous team player
  • Otis Dickeson-Allen for demonstrating a more kind, thoughtful and caring attitude towards his peers
  • Kyle Graham-Moore for a positive start to Year 6. Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone- you can do it
  • Izzy Karim for being a kind and thoughtful member of 6M
  • Claire Bachmann for thinking carefully about reading and writing tasks to clearly show her understanding of adding detail
  • Peter Harrison for taking extra care to ensure all his tasks are completed to a high standard
  • Griffin Kilfoyle for adding detail to written work to show his thinking and understanding