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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Japanese Consult Trip

by Anna Li

On the 20 May, the Year 10 Japanese class (along with our two international students) set off to the Japanese consulate in Auckland city. We were given brochures containing information about life in Japan, then shown a presentation on school life as a Japanese student. I realised that student life in Japan is very different compared to New Zealand, for example, the students clean up their classrooms every day after class and they aren’t allowed to use a car as their way of transportation. Afterwards, we watched many videos on interesting things about Japan, such as the Rugby World Cup which will be held in Tokyo in 2019, and the innovative vending machines in Japan. We then gathered around a table and a lady who was very knowledgeable in the area of tea provided us with Houjicha, Matcha Genmaicha, and Matcha. We boiled the three types of premium Japanese tea with a traditional teapot and drank small serves of it. After thanking and fare-welling them, we travelled to the Katsura Japanese Restaurant and were treated with delicious bentos of original Japanese cuisine. It was an amazing experience, as we have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the culture and lifestyle in Japan.