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Nested Portlets

Nested Portlets

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Into the White

Wearing large round goggles and feeling reindeer fur against our hands certainly put us Year 7’s in Scott and his crew’s very frozen shoes.

Last week, author Joanna Grochowicz, came into Kristin to share her very first book titled Into The White. This book it about the truth behind the Terra Nova expedition and how the men never gave up on their mission to reach the pole. The book gave all the Year 7’s a fantastic understanding of how hard the men worked to achieve their goal. They must have been exhausted, especially after they had walked 120,000miles to the South Pole. It definitely prepared us for our upcoming Humanities unit, ‘Exploration’.

In Joanna’s presentation, we dress up in outfits that made us look like Scott and his team (it was surprising how comfortable the costumes were). We also felt reindeer fur like what Scott and his men had inside their gloves and sleeping bags.

I think, Into the White is a great book, so if you like a good non-fiction story that is mixed with wild adventures, tales of hard work and all the fascinating details about this real exploration, then this is unquestionably the book for you!

By Maya Stapelton